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6 in 1 Baby Protection Bundle

6 in 1 Baby Protection Bundle

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Keeping your baby safe is hard especially from harmful diseases. Protect your baby with GOCS, buy our baby care bundle with six products:

1. GOCS Cloth Pamper 

2. GOCS Hanging Cradle

3. GOCS Bed protector

4. GOCS Window Rode Hook

5. GOCS Kangaroo pouch

6. GOCS Baby Net

Presenting GOCS Hanging Cradle

The cradle is of premium quality soft material that is perfectly comfortable for the baby to sleep.

 It also includes a net that protects the baby from harmful mosquitos.

 A growing baby needs a lot of sleep, which benefits children's intellectual and physical development. GOCS Cradle protects the baby from any disturbances in sleep.

  • Machine Washable
  • Long Lasting

  • GOCS Window Rode Hook

    Most homes have a fixed clamp for children's cradles on the ceilings, but these clamps are not in the flats and villas we buy today. 

    You can hang the rode onto any window guard and get a solid hook to attach the cradle safely. Moreover, since the cradle is on one side of the room, the occupants of the room can do other activities in the room without disturbing the baby.

  • The window rode hook can accommodate children up to twelve kgs.
  • Made with solid metal alloy

  • Cloth diaper

    Using GOCS cloth diapers at home helps to eliminate the discomfort of diapering for babies. Excellent quality waterproof diaper pants are used for this.

    Although many disposable diapers are available in the market, cloth diapers presented by GOCS stand out for what they are. Disposable diapers threaten nature as they don't break down naturally. When you think about how many billions of diapers are thrown away every day, you can understand how much they harm nature. By using GOCS washable and reusable diapers, you too can be a part of saving nature.

    Bed protector

    Caring for others is a thankless job. Keeping your family comfortable is the most important activity for most homemakers. At GOCS, we want to help you by making the process easier. GOCS Sky blue waterproof bed cover is made with families in mind. The premium material is long-lasting and easy to clean. Perfect for elderly and baby care. Easily clean any spillage by wiping the bed protector with soapy water. The bed cover will dry up quickly under the air. Taking care of your family shouldn't be hard. When a family member is sick at home and is uncomfortable, it affects everyone in the family. There could be so much frustration among each other. GOCs sell products to take care of families, especially parents and children. The high-quality noiseless bedcover will protect your mattress from water and liquid spillage. The bedcover is essential for taking care of the elderly that have difficulty with bladder control. They deserve to sleep better. And you, the family's caretaker, should be able to keep everyone comfortable easily. We truly appreciate the heroes of our Indian home. That is the reason we decided to start selling products that care for carers. Soft rubber-coated plastic sheets will provide a comfortable and durable stay beneath your bed. Available in aqua green, Sky blue & baby pink. Dimension 200 cm x 140 cm (suitable for double bed/ King ). 

    GOCS Kangaroo Baby bag

    GOCS Kangaroo bag is a must-have for parents when they have to walk with their babies. When the baby is held tightly to your chest, the baby can sit in its parent's warmth. Then, as the baby hears the mother's or father's heartbeat, the baby feels like being in the mother's womb.

    This bag helps you avoid back pain while you can enjoy a level of parental care yourself.

    GOCS Baby Net

    You can use GOCS Baby Net to prevent the baby from getting insect bites while laying on the bed or the floor for oil massage. The mechanism used in the net is very similar to an umbrella. 

  • Easy to close & Open
  • Portable
  • Best for the baby


    Made In India From PVC and Cotton lining


    Plastic sheet: 2 x 1.38 meters

    Apron: 27 inch x 21 inch

    Bib: 39 inch

    Care Instructions

    Do not dry under direct sunlight.

    Air Dry or wipe with light soapy water.

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