Our Story

Caring is a social emotion that treasures the needs of your loved ones. And it keeps relationships thriving through thick and thin. In that, primary caregivers of the home are champions. They put the requirements of their family members first before themselves. And we are breathing in that ethics of "Caring for Carers", God's Own Country Stores (GOCS). We seek to fortify this valuable bond you have between your family. Helping you be more productive, ease of living, and achieve happiness.
GOCs Logo: Caring for carers
GOCS was born from a moment of inspiration that dawned upon its creator, Ms Ariffa Beevi. During her days as a makeup professional. Having to endure a bitter setback in life, she was left to raise her children as a single parent. Falling into recurring episodes of depression, Ariffa Beevi found it hard to move on. And catering to the wants of her children was challenging. She desperately needed a stable income. Fortunately, a helping hand grabbed and lifted her during that crucial time. Raising her hopes provided her with confidence, independence, and financial freedom. She began to wonder about the many women and men who might be in a similar situation to hers. And she began to imagine how they, too, must be looking for a means to provide for their family.
Unemployed Women
Ariffa Beevi knew that stable employment was the only way to empower the carers who toiled day in and day out. So, she began by teaching her knowledge to those in need of a job. Thus, training to make our products for unemployed women in her neighbourhood for free. Now with over 15 housewives working beside her, promoting quality goods. Thus, giving them a good economic status and helping them overcome stress and anxiety. And so help them build a solid mind to support their family. Ariffa Beevi hopes to become a source of inspiration for everyone. Especially to those going through hard times with hard work and dedication.